What is Media Literacy

In 2011 Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia approved new curriculum which defines Media Literacy as cross-cutting competence. According curriculum Media Literacy skills should be developed in all subject groups. The student should be able to understand, interpret, use and create new style and various types of multimedia resources. The student should also be able to make right choice, filter the information and evaluate received information critically.

Media Literacy concept is connected to critical and creative thinking. It is difficult to filter information without critical thinking skills also in order to create new information one needs critical and creative thinking.

One Media Literacy researcher James Potter said : Media Literacy is “the set of perspectives from which we expose ourselves to media and interpret the meaning of the messages we encounter”.

Media Literacy is a response to digital world challenge. Media Literacy means to criticize the information. A person with high media literacy competences can see the difference between real world and world created by media. Media Literacy skills can help one to find right ways in informative world. A person with media literacy skills gets experience and also useful information. He avoids unnecessary or harmful information, doesn’t give opportunity to media to “program” his mind or agenda. Therefore it is especially important to widely use media literacy approaches not only at schools but also at universities.

This media literacy web portal aims to popularize media literacy and involve education specialists and teachers to create educational resources which will be fitting Georgian context